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University of Wisconsin Program: Radiology

Overall Rating 5
“Academic gem. Very well organized program and hospital with many educational and research resources. Laid-back vibe with approachable faculty, even the ...” – Posted 12/25/16
“I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect at Madison. I personally feel it is one of the best programs out there in terms of the training provided and ...” – Posted 02/11/05
“Pros: Great camaraderie, good learning environment, good volume yet not overwhelming, no overnight call until Oct of R-2 year.
Cons: not much angio in IR ...” – Posted 12/14/04

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  • “I remember interviewing at MGH thinking it was going to feel "stuffy" or "ivory tower." My experience totally flipped me. It was supportive, warm, and folks were really friendly. The residents work hard, but they're happy and amazing clinically. Their support for extracurriculars (e.g., global health, education, research) is ...” – Posted 11/07/17
  • “You will need a ton of motivation to be anything out of this program. Program atmosphere is not conducive to natural growth for a majority of candidates. Not a great program in its own right to prepare you for competitive fellowships or solid IM training” – Posted 10/08/17
  • “Note: at the time of this review, the program is listed as Hopkins/ Sinai but it is actually no longer officially a Hopkins program (it is still affiliated with Hopkins and we do scheduled rotations there). Also this review is written from the point of view of a resident, since I suppressed my memories of intern year and cant ...” – Posted 10/08/17
  • “What stands out: The commitment to the underserved, the enthusiastic and well-rounded faculty, and the fellow residents that feel like family and seem genuinely happy to be here! The inpatient setting is a just-the-right-size community hospital which allows you to practice full-scope and unopposed family medicine -- ...” – Posted 10/08/17
  • “Valley Hospital has various residencies and In-house fellowships which include: internal medicine, family medicine, neurology, orthopedic surgery, palliative care/Hospice, GI and pulmonary critical care. There are multitude of experienced faculty that are excellent clinicians and enjoy teaching. Within most the residencies and ...” – Posted 10/05/17