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University of Wisconsin Program: Radiology

Overall Rating 5
“Academic gem. Very well organized program and hospital with many educational and research resources. Laid-back vibe with approachable faculty, even the ...” – Posted 12/25/16
“I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect at Madison. I personally feel it is one of the best programs out there in terms of the training provided and ...” – Posted 02/11/05
“Pros: Great camaraderie, good learning environment, good volume yet not overwhelming, no overnight call until Oct of R-2 year.
Cons: not much angio in IR ...” – Posted 12/14/04

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  • “I am providing the honest truth as a soon to be graduate who is starting fellowship somewhere else in July and left the program much happier than my colleagues. I would avoid this program. This program is very reliant on medical students (senior medical students) and other programs to provide numbers. The number of pediatrics ...” – Posted 06/19/17
  • “This program is rigorous (like most residencies) however it will leave one well prepared for life as an attending neurologist. This program is the strongest in vascular neurology however there is a diverse patient population that allows residents to gain a wide range of experience in other areas of neurology. Most residents go ...” – Posted 05/27/17
  • “Duty hours violation,poor education,Campaign for defamation of whistleblower
    2 residents forced to resign after refusing medicare fraud and complain about program director in 2016 .They terminate a resident who complain about program director violence and sexual verbal harassment.” – Posted 05/18/17
  • “Not prepared after finishing- everyone admits to getting their experience via moonlighting. A team of 4 residents might have just a couple patients on the service in a month. There is no accountability which can be good and bad- residents ban together like family to cover each other. Morning report and rounds are a joke. I've ...” – Posted 05/15/17
  • “Very few would be this blunt about the program and the program leadership. Please stay away from this program if you can, I would not go back to this program. Very few positives in this program if at all, negative points abound. The program leadership lies with every breath. Residents do not pass boards once they graduate from ...” – Posted 05/11/17