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University of Missouri-Columbia Program: Dermatology

Columbia, MO
Overall Rating 5
“I ended up ranking this program very highly, and would recommend the same to anybody who wants to learn high-quality, broad-based clinical dermatology. Not ...” – Posted 07/21/02

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  • “My program is not perfect but which program is? I felt compelled to write this review because I found a previous reviewer's comments were grossly unfair and speaks to his/her work ethic more than the drawbacks of the program.

    Metro Anesthesia Residents get exposed to a ton of sick patients and a ton of trauma. Our hospital is ...” – Posted 02/15/18
  • “This program has the benefit of a sports med fellowship in the same city with access to Notre Dame athletics, but internally the program is very OB heavy. So we draw sport medicine focused residents and OB friendly residents (there's not much overlap there but I commend the sports medicine people for putting their time in to ...” – Posted 02/14/18
  • “As a current senior resident, I must say please do not trust the old and very outdated reviews; Maryland is a great Anesthesiology program.
    After 3.5 years of being in this program, I couldn't be more pleased with the education that I have received. Our patients here at Maryland are much sicker than you will see at most other ...” – Posted 01/29/18
  • “The previous review was recently brought to my attention and often times only one side of a story is a heard. It is usually the disgruntal, inadequate, incompetent side on forums so I felt obliged to respond because me and said poster from september are both residents from the same program (More on him in a few minutes).
    Let ...” – Posted 01/17/18
  • “This is specific to inpatient care at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin which overall was an unpleasant experience for me compared to multiple other pediatric hospitals. I think there is a significant problem with the culture here, and if you ask an honest resident here they would probably concur with a lot that is said herein. ...” – Posted 01/11/18