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Mayo Graduate School of Medicine (Jacksonville) Program: Radiology

Jacksonville, FL
Overall Rating 5
“What stands out: The program is young, but the energy and attitude of the faculty stands out from other programs where I interviewed. They want to be here, ...” – Posted 09/02/05
“This program seemed to combine everything I was looking for in a residency program. Great faculty and teaching, stable faculty, no weaknesses in training and ...” – Posted 02/25/05

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  • “good teaching ,friendly environment.The teaching is phenomenal. The pathology is bar-none uncomparable to any program in the nation, You will see everything and anything!!. There is a very good support system and staff, the program has many very dedicated staff who always have there doors open for any questions or even ...” – Posted 04/05/18
  • “Red flags, in no particular order:

    The department leadership is very condescending toward trainees, especially toward women.
    The program employs too many American IMGs, mostly from Israeli medical schools - and not by choice.
    There is very limited clinical diversity - no immunodeficiencies, no transplant patients, no cystic ...” – Posted 04/05/18
  • “Going to graduate from the program this year. If I had to apply for residency again, I most certainly would not apply here. Though this is deemed to be a "teaching hospital", most attendings with the exception of Pulm/CC do not bother to teach. Residents are treated badly by both attendings and nurses. I haven't learnt much in ...” – Posted 03/30/18
  • “Good: This is a hybrid civilian/military program. You get the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with medical corps officers, and treat veterans, active duty, and dependents. That part is truly a privilege. Research opportunities aren't strong but you may be able to present posters at military medical conferences in ...” – Posted 03/16/18
  • “Being at a county hospital has significant advantages and disadvanges. I feel that the residents are able to operate early and develop their skills here. We are also very strong in critical and trauma. The residents are absolutely vital to the running of the hospital which means that everybody has an important job each year ...” – Posted 02/25/18