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Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Jacobi) Program: Pediatrics

Bronx, NY
Overall Rating 5
“On interview day, I tell candidates that what attracted me the most to Jacobi is that it's a fun environment to work in AND you learn a lot. It seems as ...” – Posted 12/23/04
“Hard to answer this one since I only did a sub-I but...I think this is an excellent place to train if you are not looking for a big name place with lots of ...” – Posted 01/25/04

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  • “Program looks good on paper, with adequate access to rotation sites and pts.

    One big problem is the VA rotation site at the North Chicago VA/FHCC. Call is taken at this VA, which is hounded by political drama between attendings and the huge goverment bureaucracy.

    VA attendings also generally refuse to work without having ...” – Posted 07/05/18
  • “Emory prepares you well for private practice straight out of residency or for a fellowship. They have fellowships in Child and Adolescent, Consult/Liason, Geriatrics, Addiction, and Forensics, and generally 3-4 residents fast tracks into child/adolescent fellowship. This program is a bit work heavy compared to other programs ...” – Posted 07/03/18
  • “I am disappointed that I matched here. There is an underlying malignant vibe and residents are often overtly reprimanded for asking questions. Other times this is not overt but shows up later in evaluations. Questions are looked down upon. This fosters an environment that does not nurture learning. In retrospect, some ...” – Posted 06/29/18
  • “The teaching back when I was a resident was exceptional. Faculty in rooms, quality lectures and quality team approach. Hours were always long and cases hard. Now not so much. Some faculty are overworked and some not worked at all. New sites spread everyone too thin. Call is an abusive experience for residents and faculty ...” – Posted 05/23/18
  • “You will be a very competent IM Physician graduating from here with the world before you but you will feel as though you played for the abusive Bobby Knight for three very long years. Much has changed with this program from the previous review starting about 7 years ago. Area specialists who graduated from the program years ...” – Posted 05/12/18