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Naval Medical Center (San Diego) Program: Dermatology

San Diego, CA
Overall Rating 5
“The amount of laser experience and exposure is phenomenal. There are some good heavy hitter attendings in the program, and they push research. Drawbacks? ...” – Posted 11/13/05

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  • “Academic gem. Very well organized program and hospital with many educational and research resources. Laid-back vibe with approachable faculty, even the big-time attendings. Fellowships in almost every section are nationally recognized. Overall, if you can handle the cold and small-ish town, this is a gem of a program and a ...” – Posted 12/25/16
  • “I'm a medical student who did a 6 week rotation here. The attendings and residents clearly love their jobs; they weren't overworked, stressed, and most loved to teach. Albiet an emotionally rough rotation, I felt completely fine because of the wonderful people with which I worked.” – Posted 12/23/16
  • “Disclaimer: I went into this rotation knowing full well its notorious history for treating students poorly, and that they'd be on/off probation for years. My time here was required, however - I desperately wish I could have done my OBGYN training somewhere else. Because I learned nothing that I didn't teach myself. All this ...” – Posted 12/23/16
  • “What stands out: high patient load, but this is a plus in my opinion. You will feel like you can handle anything when you are done here. Prepared? I can do anything! Would I train here again... no, probably not. I feel that there is a lot of bullying and harassment from certain residents and attendings which has yet to be ...” – Posted 12/16/16
  • “I've read reviews on this website prior to my IM application and I think St Elizabeth's deserves an update given that it's been 4-5 years since someone wrote a review.

    What was written back then was totally true. The program lacked education and was kind of all over. That was when the hospital almost went bankrupt under ...” – Posted 12/06/16