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University of Missouri-Columbia Program: Dermatology

Columbia, MO
Overall Rating 5
“I ended up ranking this program very highly, and would recommend the same to anybody who wants to learn high-quality, broad-based clinical dermatology. Not ...” – Posted 07/21/02

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  • “It's a tertiary center so you are constantly exposed to very complicated cases from Southern Georgia and Northern Florida, and in some cases from around the world. The pathology is without equivocation more complicated than most other programs. The staff are also among the best in their fields. Several staff are malignant, the ...” – Posted 02/26/18
  • “Being at a county hospital has significant advantages and disadvanges. I feel that the residents are able to operate early and develop their skills here. We are also very strong in critical and trauma. The residents are absolutely vital to the running of the hospital which means that everybody has an important job each year ...” – Posted 02/25/18
  • “What stands out in this program compared to others?
    - The training and the teaching from our attendings is outstanding.
    - Our PD is the best PD who has ever PD'd anywhere ever.
    What are the drawbacks?
    - Sometimes I eat so much food during free lunch days that I get sleepy after lecture.
    Would you feel prepared once ...” – Posted 02/20/18
  • “The outdated, negative review from 2016 is common knowledge among us and it's time one of us wrote something. NO, it is wrong. There are people who will always want more, no matter how much things improve. We see psych residents from other Chicago area programs , and trust me when I say we have it good here.” – Posted 02/17/18
  • “My program is not perfect but which program is? I felt compelled to write this review because I found a previous reviewer's comments were grossly unfair and speaks to his/her work ethic more than the drawbacks of the program.

    Metro Anesthesia Residents get exposed to a ton of sick patients and a ton of trauma. Our hospital is ...” – Posted 02/15/18