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Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Jacobi) Program: Pediatrics

Bronx, NY
Overall Rating 5
“On interview day, I tell candidates that what attracted me the most to Jacobi is that it's a fun environment to work in AND you learn a lot. It seems as ...” – Posted 12/23/04
“Hard to answer this one since I only did a sub-I but...I think this is an excellent place to train if you are not looking for a big name place with lots of ...” – Posted 01/25/04

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  • “You will be a very competent IM Physician graduating from here with the world before you but you will feel as though you played for the abusive Bobby Knight for three very long years. Much has changed with this program from the previous review starting about 7 years ago. Area specialists who graduated from the program years ...” – Posted 05/12/18
  • “The clinical experience of residents in this program stands out when compared to others. Residents are scheduled for the best cases with the most educational value. After the first six months as a CA-1, residents perform complex cases such as whipples, adrenalectomy's for pheochromocytomas, and even liver transplants. The ...” – Posted 05/02/18
  • “Condescending and malignant environment, competitive rather cooperative atmosphere, residents’ inpatient workload heavy and very busy, skill and knowledge level of both residents and faculty vary greatly, a few really knowledgeable and helpful staff, others very inept and indifferent to both resident wellbeing/learning and ...” – Posted 04/17/18
  • “good teaching ,friendly environment.The teaching is phenomenal. The pathology is bar-none uncomparable to any program in the nation, You will see everything and anything!!. There is a very good support system and staff, the program has many very dedicated staff who always have there doors open for any questions or even ...” – Posted 04/05/18
  • “Going to graduate from the program this year. If I had to apply for residency again, I most certainly would not apply here. Though this is deemed to be a "teaching hospital", most attendings with the exception of Pulm/CC do not bother to teach. Residents are treated badly by both attendings and nurses. I haven't learnt much in ...” – Posted 03/30/18