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Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Jacobi) Program: Pediatrics

Bronx, NY
Overall Rating 5
“On interview day, I tell candidates that what attracted me the most to Jacobi is that it's a fun environment to work in AND you learn a lot. It seems as ...” – Posted 12/23/04
“Hard to answer this one since I only did a sub-I but...I think this is an excellent place to train if you are not looking for a big name place with lots of ...” – Posted 01/25/04

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  • “Malignant culture of laziness from top to bottom. Downstate prides itself in offering a vast range of pathology which will usually be misdiagnosed or mistreated by faculty with dubious teaching abilities.

    The thing they call "research" is silly, you can achieve the same output in a community hospital with remote access to ...” – Posted 10/21/18
  • “Nothing stands out in the program. The leadership is failing to have their residents pass the Internal medicine boards and match into good fellowships. You will never get into a competitive fellowship if you train at this program. The clinic and the hospital is located in one of the crummiest places in Massachusetts. ...” – Posted 10/19/18
  • “Unfortunately, this program did not stand out well to me. As an applicant, I was told about camaraderie, help with research, and how this program would provide me the building blocks to create my future.
    There is a culture that residents get the work done and get out. By early afternoon, most residents have vacated the ...” – Posted 10/15/18
  • “Four residents left this program July 1 of 2018. The Program Director stepped down that month and the chair is leaving in a few months. In my opinion, toxic and malignant are an understatement. There are a core group of faculty that bully and harass. I would especially warn female residents based on the behavior of one ...” – Posted 09/20/18
  • “Some of the attendings really like to teach and are really nice. There's not a high census so plus or minus for a program depending how you look at it, less workload but not as much exposure to things. Max research budget of $10,000 per resident so limited resources for research. Most grads go into General outpatient peds. You ...” – Posted 09/11/18